Angela A’Court - Artist


'Pastel is a pure pigment with intense colorant vitality which encourages A'Court's very defined approach. With a bold, contemporary style of strong graphic shapes, contrasts and edges, she lovingly depicts everyday objects, showing us how to revere simple lines in space, drawn with rich, saturated color.

The lack of overlap and the emphasis on familiar shapes allows A'Court to create a positive and negative effect between spaces; she sees things in abstract, using the narrative of a line to express her interaction with the subject. A'Court isolates her objects from one another emphasizing their individuality and creating a comfortable tension in her work.

Originally from London, Angela A'Court now lives and works in New York City. After graduating from Goldsmiths College she worked as an interior designer before becoming a full-time artist 17 years ago. She was elected to the Pastel Society in 2009 and exhibits regularly both the USA and the UK."

Laurie MacLaren and Diana Lanham
Highgate Contemporary Art, London